GLOBALBLUE invests in its own systems and technology.

In the last years it has been making continuous investments in technology and systems, in order to improve even more the quality of its services, bringing agility, security, and centralization of information to the condominiums where it does the telecom management.

Investimos em sistemas próprios e com muita tecnologia.

With the increasing demand for telecommunications services in recent years, and the consequent growth of its activities, GLOBALBLUE felt the need to systematize its processes, and for this it has been making massive investments in technology and systems in recent years.

The amount invested in this period already exceeds half a million dollars, this value is totally done through its own investment, without burdening its customers, even though they are the main beneficiaries with the systems and technological solutions developed.

For this GLOBALBLUE created a software development department, the EDS (Systems Development Engineering), which is responsible for the development, homologation, deployment and adaptation of these platforms.

The main one is the CNSDATA (National Service Register), a CRM developed to store and centralize information from its services, optimizing processes and relationships with customers and operators, such as the release and approval of projects, which can be monitored in real time, besides serving as a more effective tool for relationships with customers and operators.

Considered one of the best cloud file storage systems, GBCLOUD brings some advantages that can represent great productivity gains. The main one is the possibility of working on the same file with other people in real time. GBCLOUD also offers an effective change control in documents and folders, showing, in detail, which user made the changes and when they were made, in addition to managing access permissions to each content.

Also developed by GLOBALBLUE, the SIR (Remote Image System), makes the monitoring and access control to the rooms of POP (Point of Presence of Operators)| DG (General Distributor), using for this intelligent cameras with sensors capable of identifying movements in the environment, where a viewing screen in high definition is activated in the monitoring room of GLOBALBLUE, which having a voice system, it is possible to communicate with the professional of the operator, and thus supervise the work done.

All these investments demonstrate the commitment of GLOBALBLUE with the quality of services, adding technology and information security to its customers, who now use the most advanced technological resources available in the management of telecommunications in condominiums.