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10 reasons for your condominium to have a specialized telecommunications management company.

1) Contract Management:

Well-prepared condominiums have as priority the legal issue, including the management of contracts for Assignment of Space, because the minutes need to be updated according to current legislation, meeting the good market practices and respecting the rules of ANATEL (National Telecommunications Agency). This is one of the big differentials of GLOBALBLUE that through the department of Controllership acts negotiating values with the operators and taking care of each point of the contract, which avoids future discomforts.

Seu condomínio precisa ter uma empresa especializada em gestão de telecomunicações.

2) Increased Revenue

The contractual management allows the condominium to increase its revenue related to telecommunications, since the existing contracts for the assignment of space of onerous use are reviewed and new operators are invited to live in the infrastructure, either to serve the tenants or as a base station (ERB) point in the antennae.

3) Project Analysis

Few enterprises really understand the importance of the analysis of telecom projects, only trained professionals can authorize an installation project because there are a number of prerequisites to be considered. The enterprise that hires GLOBALBLUE has at its disposal consulting through the Central Engineering Department, responsible for the entire telecommunications operation in the enterprise, this department has a structure with a specialized team that works only to meet the demand from telecommunications, receiving, analyzing and approving projects. GLOBALBLUE has CREA, and thus is civil and legal responsible for the implementation of telecommunication projects, so no installation is executed without prior project presentation.

4) On-site Technical Supervisions

The installation and/or maintenance activities must be performed with the presence of a trained professional. GLOBALBLUE has consultants for the proper technical guidance, the inspections are scheduled in our own systems, developed precisely to provide a more effective and transparent management, such as: access control, preparation of management reports and total control of activities.

5) Remote Follow-Up

Few people know but it is possible to remotely monitor the activities inside the POP/DG room in real time. This is a very important point for those who are concerned with security because the images are available for consultation, it is also a great option for emergency activities that escape the rule providing greater security, because through motion sensors a screen is activated for the technician in the central that communicates via voice and audio (bi-directional). This system baptized by GLOBALBLUE as SIR - Remote Image System is one more of the technological investments that GLOBALBLUE has bet in recent years and has been a great success in high standard enterprises.

6) Access Control

Access Control to the operators' and service providers' technicians; as far as security is concerned, it is not enough just to present identification, but also specific knowledge to perform the screening and ensure that each professional was really requested for an activity and which activity he/she will be doing.

7) Implementation of Standards and Technical Procedures

As the technical activities in condominiums have increased with the modernization of companies, the need to regularize the technical procedures was seen. Thinking about it GLOBALBLUE created the NPT (Standards and Technical Procedures), a document that is always updated with the best market practices. This document is instituted in the condominium as the current instrument for technical regularization of all actions of operators and service providers in the telecommunications area.

8) Relatórios Gerenciais

All documents: RGM (Monthly General Report), RDA (Activity Report), Notifications, Projects, are delivered to the enterprise through the digital platform GBCLOUD (web digital platform that makes available all the documents prepared), where the condominium, besides receiving all the pertinent information that is generated monthly, also makes available a secure 5GB free space in the cloud that meets the good market practices, including the LGPD (General Data Protection law);

9) Notifications

The GLOBALBLUE periodically sends the operators Notifications for technical regularization of infrastructure, documentary regularization (Delivery of Projects, License / permit to operate with the municipal agency, Radiometric Report) and contractual regularization and other necessary regularizations.

10) Ethics

The condominium needs security in the analysis of projects and in the preservation of technical areas and existing infrastructure, a professional telecommunications management provides the condominium with specific actions with 'know how', that is, the necessary experience for the good relationship with the operators, after all there are 18 years of experience in telecom infrastructure to inspect the technical activities performed. Count on GLOBALBLUE to take your condominium into the future!


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