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It is a CRM (Costumer Relationship Management) developed internally to store and centralize information, optimizing processes and relationships with customers, operators and service providers.

Such as the creation, approval, and release of projects, prior registration of technical teams, and other requests that can be tracked online.

It is a cloud storage, developed by GLOBALBLUE, where files can be manipulated in real time with folder synchronization.

It brings advantages that can represent great productivity gains, such as working on the same file with other people in real time, and also offers effective access and change control.

Vigilância segurança
SIR - Sistema de Imagens Remota

With the SIR (Remote Image System) GLOBALBLUE performs the image management of the POP (Operator Point of Presence) / DG (General Distributor) rooms.

Through intelligent cameras with sensors capable of identifying movements, along with a voice system that enables the center to communicate with the professional in the field and supervise the activities.

GBSYSTEM is a platform where the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) was developed with the function of managing contracts for the provision of services, cession of space for onerous use, and lending.


Besides performing the financial management and information control of receipts and defaults, in an integrated way.

Ecossistema de Programas GB System


Serviço que usamos e podemos falar com propriedade.

Oque Seria a OMIE

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