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Occupational Health and Safety Program


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The Occupational Health and Safety Program consists of the creation of policies, procedures and norms that must be adopted in order to prevent accidents at work, as well as to guarantee the worker's well-being.


GLOBALBLUE develops methodologies through training and periodic internal campaigns, in order to train and raise awareness of its employees from preventive measures to the proper use of each individual equipment - PPE for greater safety in carrying out the activity, always in compliance with regulatory standards.


Also, a communication channel was created with telecommunications operators and service providers in order to raise awareness of the duty to comply with the applicable NR during the execution of the activity, guiding their customers/condominiums, through information on the measures adopted and recurring updates.

GLOBALBLUE follows the regulatory changes that will come into force from January 3, 2022, through Ordinance 6.730 of March 9, 2020, which approved the wording of NR-1 and Ordinance 6.735 of March 10, 2020 that reworded NR-9 , with significant changes occurring with the extinction of the PPRA and the creation of the PGR.

Program of
Management of Risks


The main objective of the Risk Management Program - PGR is to establish how the risk management activities will be conducted, that is, to inform what will be the measures adopted by the company to deal with the possible threats or injuries that may arise as a result of each activity, based on the occupational risk inventory and action plan, which are indispensable documents for management.

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