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5 criteria for choosing a commercial area

One of the most important aspects for a thriving and successful business is the correct choice of business location. Often people simply rely on price to say "yes" to a commercial area. However, there are many factors that should influence and condition this decision. After all, there's no point in getting a cheap rental and offering an innovative, high-quality product if you're located in a place where your target audience isn't. Therefore, a bad decision can ruin the viability of the project.

Stay tuned for these tips that GLOBALBLUE has separated to choose the perfect commercial location for your business.

Important criteria in choosing the location of the enterprise

Select the best area for installations

As we mentioned earlier, you should find a shopping center where you know your customers will find you easily. But that doesn't necessarily mean he needs to be downtown. This will depend on the type of business and the consumer.

You should also keep in mind if your customers need to park to visit your business (as happens, for example, in service companies). In this case, it is essential that you look for a place with nearby parking, for the convenience of your consumers.

Consumer demographics

In addition to the installations in visible areas and with great public access, it is interesting that the location is in accordance with the company's target audience.

Therefore, when setting up a business it is very important to know the demographics of the public in the area: gender, age, purchasing power and profession, for example. This is essential information to assess whether your product or service will work in that location.

Good basic services

Water, electricity, internet... These are basic services that your business needs every day. Therefore, choose a commercial enterprise that offers good access to them and in the best possible conditions. If your company needs to transport products on a daily basis, also pay attention that the area has loading and unloading zones.

Legal issues

Another point to choose a perfect commercial area for your business is to verify that the space you are interested in complies with all current legal regulations. In addition, you need to comply with all established security measures. In this way, see all the relevant licenses so that you can carry out your business activity without any problems.

Keeping an eye on the competition

It is very important that you analyze what other brands, businesses and companies operate nearby. This includes competition, which will not always be a factor against you. For example, if you're opening a gym, you can offer special discounts to employees of large corporations nearby. Depending on the type of company and product, sometimes it is better to be in an area that concentrates companies in the same industry, where the customer can choose from several offers and options.

GLOBALBLUE operates in the Telecommunications infrastructure

With regard to Telecommunications, GLOBALBLUE operates in large commercial areas such as logistics centers, shopping centers, convention centers and much more. There are more than 56 managed projects, bringing a quality infrastructure to several companies.

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