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5 Signs That Your Condominium Needs a Neutral Manager

Managing a condominium is like managing a large company, with hundreds of people under the responsibility of the liquidator. It is a task that requires organization, leadership, administrative knowledge and a lot of skill..

However, it is not always an easy task, especially for those who are taking on this responsibility for the first time. It is at this point that hiring a Neutral Manager can make all the difference.

In this article, we will present the 5 signs that your condominium is in need of a Neutral Manager to assist in the administration and guarantee the proper functioning of the enterprise.

- Lack of time and organization:

If you're constantly overloaded with tasks and can't find enough time to organize the activities and access of technicians to the condominium, it's a clear sign that you need help.

Managing a condominium requires time and dedication, and the lack of organization can lead to problems in fulfilling important tasks, such as maintenance and paying bills.

A Neutral Manager can support the organization of daily activities, easing the burden on the trustee and administration, by previously managing all accesses, ensuring the safety and smooth running of each activity.

- Difficulties in contractual administration:

The efficient administration of a condominium requires solid knowledge in areas such as legal and tax issues. If the condominium does not have expertise in these fields, it may be in serious trouble.

In the separation of activities that are authorized and unauthorized, and proper management of each action, or in the delivery of obligations to providers and third parties, it is time to seek the help of a Neutral Manager specialized in these areas to ensure compliance and avoid future problems.

- High employee turnover:

Hiring and firing employees at service providers or operators is usually a continuous process, and requires care from the condominium to release these accesses, which may lead to the release of unauthorized persons.

One cannot rely on a list of technicians authorized to provide services in the condominium, coming from contacts whose origin is unknown. The uncertified release can bring serious risks to the common and private environments of the enterprise.

If the condominium has a demand for access to the internal environments, a Neutral Manager can facilitate this bureaucratic process, ensuring efficient management of access and compliance of people who enter the site.

- Cleaning and Retrofit:

It is very common after a while that cables become obsolete and dropped due to maintenance by Operators and Service Providers, or as updates to the condominium itself.

In this case, a specialized company such as the Neutral Infrastructure Manager manages to solve many of these difficulties, as the company that manages these accesses notifies the operators and providers to carry out the cleaning and tidying of the shafts, without encumbering the enterprise, and thus enhancing the entire structure even more..

- Increase in default:

A major problem that most concerns the trustees is the increase in default by operators who install their equipment and antennas in condominium areas and do not comply with payments, or carry out a negotiation of values below the market.

Non-payment can cause several problems, such as deficit in condominium bills, increase in condominium fees and discomfort among condominium members. To deal effectively with this issue, the liquidator needs to have effective resources and systems to control the sending of charges, even court notices.

If these resources are lacking, hiring a Neutral Manager with expertise in collections and agreements may be the ideal solution.

By choosing a Neutral Manager, in addition to dealing with the challenges mentioned, the condominium will also be able to enjoy additional benefits, such as a Complete Management System, Monthly Activity Reports, Platform for Querying Orders and their Status, Cloud Storage of this data , remote monitoring of the operator's room, and much more.

These solutions provide efficient and professional administration, contributing to the well-being and safety of all tenants, in addition to enhancing the development and bringing more financial resources, which in the end makes a big difference..


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