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ART in the Condominium: Ensuring Safety and Reliability in Activities

The ART (Technical Responsibility Note) is an essential document to guarantee the safety, legality and quality of activities carried out in the condominium. It is a formal record that a qualified professional and technical manager monitored and took responsibility for a certain work, service or activity in the enterprise..

ART no Condomínio: Garantindo Segurança e Confiabilidade
ART in the Condominium: Ensuring Security and Reliability

In this material, we will address the importance of collecting the ART in condominium activities and how this procedure ensures the tranquility and reliability of residents.

ART and Quality and Safety Assurance

  1. Skilled and Qualified Professionals: By requiring ART, the condominium ensures that only qualified and trained professionals are responsible for carrying out the activities. This ensures that services are performed by competent professionals, with adequate technical knowledge and committed to safety and quality of work..

  2. Technical Responsibility: The ART is a declaration of technical responsibility, in which the professional undertakes to act in accordance with the technical standards and legislation in force. In this way, he assumes responsibility for the services provided, ensuring that the work or activity is in accordance with the required specifications and standards..

  3. Legality of Activities: In addition to guaranteeing the technical competence of professionals, ART confers legality on activities carried out in the condominium. The document is a legal requirement, provided for in Law nº 6.496/77, and its absence can lead to legal problems and even fines for the condominium.

The Importance of ART in Different Condominium Activities

  1. Works and Renovations: When carrying out works and reforms in the condominium, ART is essential to guarantee the structural safety of the enterprise. The presence of a qualified technician in charge avoids the risk of failures in the execution and contributes to the durability and integrity of the constructions.

  2. Electrical and Hydraulic Installations: In electrical and hydraulic installations, ART is essential to ensure that services are carried out in accordance with technical norms and safety standards. This minimizes the risk of short circuits, leaks and other problems that can cause damage and put the safety of residents at risk..

  3. Equipment and Elevator Maintenance: The maintenance of equipment and elevators is an activity that requires specific technical knowledge. The presence of ART ensures that a qualified professional is responsible for maintenance, ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment and the safety of users..

The ART is an essential document to guarantee the quality, safety and legality of the activities carried out in the condominium. By requiring the presence of ART in works, services and maintenance, the condominium ensures that qualified and qualified professionals are responsible for these activities, guaranteeing the tranquility and reliability of residents. ART collection is a fundamental practice for responsible and efficient condominium management, contributing to the well-being and satisfaction of all involved.


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