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Assembling the Ideal Antenna for your Enterprise: A Complete and Practical Guide

If you are a property manager and are interested in increasing the profitability of your condominium and looking for new ways to increase revenue, renting the top of the building for telephone antennas could be an excellent opportunity.

However, it is crucial to take precautions and follow some important steps before implementing this source of income, thus avoiding headaches with renting space.

Let's talk about some tips on how to set up an ideal antenna and the necessary care to ensure the success of this form of extra income for the enterprise.

1. Verification of Standards and Necessary Documentation:

Before proceeding with the installation of antennas, it is essential to check whether the building meets local regulatory standards. This includes ensuring there is adequate distance from other antennas in the region, as well as complying with safety and documentation requirements. Make sure to organize all the necessary documentation, such as Civil Liability Insurance, the Fire Department Inspection Report, the lightning rod technical report and the minutes of the meeting agreeing with the installation of the antenna.

2. Structural Analysis and Fixing Design:

Structural engineers must perform a detailed analysis of the building structure to determine its ability to support antennas and associated equipment. Based on this analysis, detailed designs will be prepared for the antenna fixing structures, ensuring the necessary stability and safety.

3. Site Preparation and Antennas Installation:

During site preparation, safe access structures will be installed, such as stairs and platforms, as well as safety devices, such as guardrails. The antennas and related equipment will be installed according to the previously prepared project, ensuring an efficient and safe connection.

4. Waterproofing and Roof Protection:

After installing the antennas, it is crucial to properly waterproof the roof or slab where they are located. This will help protect the building structure against water infiltration and ensure its long-term durability. Additionally, installing a protective blanket between the antennas and the roof surface will help prevent mechanical damage and abrasions..

5. Contract Management and Extra Revenue:

When entering into lease agreements with telephone companies, it is important to carefully analyze the terms and conditions, including the length of the contract, financial responsibilities and restrictive covenants. The revenue generated by renting the top of the building for antennas can significantly contribute to reducing the condominium fee and increasing the building's capital, benefiting both residents and the condominium as a whole.

By following these steps and precautions, you will be ready to set up an ideal antenna in your project, making the most of the financial benefits and contributing to the sustainable development of the condominium..

Remember if: Always seek professional guidance to ensure maximum safety in this space rental. and in all these processes, GLOBALBLUE can help you in the best way, as we are leaders in the segment, and our specialist team is ready to take action.


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