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"Get out of your comfort zone and seek inspiration for you to get results".

You must have heard that challenges move us, right? Well...sometimes the fear we have of challenges can paralyze us. Even so, if we want a different outcome in our life, we need to change the way we do things and consider something else we've also heard: “getting out of the comfort zone”.

Not that the Comfort Zone is completely good, the biggest comfort of this zone, in fact, is that in it, we deal with the known. The unknown usually seems like a threat to us. But how many things we didn't know before learning about them. How many fears have we faced and been successful in earlier in our lives? Of course, not everything was successful. In many things we do not even persist to know what the result would be. But some things we conquered.

Some people more, some people less, but we all have an experience to remember. Some situations are feared simply because we were told it was dangerous, or it was impossible, it wasn't for us, we couldn't. Some of these things were said in silence, which is precisely why they remain so strong in our lives. Do you know how to differentiate what is a real challenge from an emotional one for you?

Maybe that's a good place to start: understanding what the real challenge really is, and then dealing with it. Decrease justifications (explanations we give for not doing what we would like if we had the courage) and increase instruction. Depending on our challenge, we will need formal knowledge, physical enhancement, mental strength – or all of these combined.

All right, maybe we need money, lots of money. Have you ever thought about alternatives to achieve it - ethically, of course - and not using this as a justification to explain what you didn't achieve?

We can face our fears (they are important, warning signs and beware) or accept them. But try not to explain them too much, as this, in addition to not solving anything, still leaves us stuck with the impossibility of changing the status of what we desire, from a dream to a pain – or a possibility.

Start with a reason (goal, objective, purpose). If this is strong and important enough, create a plan. So, make the unknown, your known and consequently the uncontrollable, a little more predictable and manageable. And start taking action, getting inspired to achieve results.

Start building your luck!!


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