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Discipline and creativity

“How to activate inspiration”

What does creativity have to do with discipline? Is it really possible to “activate” inspiration? Does this also work for me?

The phrase attributed to Albert Einstein “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” already shows us that with some effort (and procedure, which we will discuss next) it is possible to create a context of creativity and inspiration. The definition of creativity corroborates this idea by showing us the possibility of creativity being innate or acquired.

In fact, we are born much more creative and inspired than we have become over time. The limits of care that we receive since childhood end up limiting ideas (of course for safety reasons) and transforming possibilities into fears. Beliefs we live with can also make us believe that there is only one way to do things. And so, we go, somehow, “unlearning” to dare.

But attention, the opposite way, thanks to brain neuroplasticity, is also possible. New connections that favor new options can be formed with the help of more formal processes.

Like practically any recognized method of work (personal or professional effort), creativity goes through a few steps: 1) Preparing an idea from a need, thinking about possible alternatives that will be filtered later. This can be done with purposeful and external stimuli, such as listening to music, visiting a beautiful place, talking to people, doing something new. 2) Elaboration of ideas, the filter, of what is possible, best suited to the situation and what needs to be improved to work. 3) Acting. Implantation. The work itself, the action that puts the idea into practice. 4) Checking and correcting errors or, whenever possible, improvements.

And how to overcome the fears and beliefs that have discouraged and discouraged us in our history? With structure! That is why methods already established as presented above, or adapted, must be followed with discipline.

Life does present us with many obstacles, but thinking of ways to overcome them and act can be extremely inspiring for our safety and for our achievements.


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