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If you have ever wondered about Technical Standards (NRS) and how they affect the security of your condominium, you are in the right place. Let's explore the fascinating world of these standards that play a crucial role in promoting safe and healthy environments for all.

Technical Standards in Focus:

  • PCMSO (NR 7) - Occupational Health Medical Control Program: This program is the compass that guides the promotion and guarantee of the physical and mental health of workers. Preventive care that not only respects the integrity of each person, but also raises the standard of collective health.

  • PGR (NR 1) - Risk Management Program: Proactive risk management is a modern necessity. The PGR, by establishing preventive procedures and protection measures, is the guardian that ensures collective security.

  • LTCAT (NR 15) - Technical Report on Environmental Working Conditions: More than a simple document, the LTCAT is the mirror that reflects the environmental working conditions. Essential for devising prevention strategies and continually improving working conditions.

  • PPP (NR 7) - Social Security Professional Profile: A key piece that transcends the present, the PPP is a portrait of the worker over time, crucial to guaranteeing quality of life in the future.

  • AVCB (NR 23) - Fire Department Inspection Report: Fire safety is a non-negotiable priority. The AVCB is the document that certifies that the condominium is prepared to face challenges and protect its residents.

  • PPE (NR 6) - Training in the Use of Personal Protective Equipment: Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to safety. Training in the use of PPE not only meets standards, but empowers workers, making them active participants in preserving safety.

Clear Objectives:

  • Promotion of Integrity: More than meeting requirements, NRs seek to promote the integrity of workers' physical and mental health. It is a commitment to everyone's quality of life.

  • Accident Prevention: Preventive procedures and protective measures are the lines of defense against accidents. NRs are guides for building safe environments.

  • Health and Safety Policies: Adopting robust health and safety policies is a shared responsibility. NRs provide the framework for this joint construction in condominiums throughout Brazil.

  • Clear and Effective Legislation: NRs regulate not just rules, but complete legislation relating to health, safety and occupational medicine. They are the basis for clear and effective legislation.

Explore even more about how technical standards can transform security in your condominium and stay one step ahead of the latest updates, tips and insights. Follow our website and social media to always be at the forefront of knowledge about condominium security. Join us on this journey of building safer and healthier environments!


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