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Ensuring Connectivity: Internal Network Management for Operational Efficiency

On the journey towards operational excellence, every detail matters. At GLOBALBLUE, we understand that the efficient management of internal networks is essential to reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of projects.

Management and Management of Telecom Networks

Our intelligent solutions range from access control for technicians and operators to the management of DG and POP rooms, where telecommunications equipment from the most diverse operators are located. This ensures that only authorized professionals have access to technical areas, ensuring that the project's condominium owners and tenants have their internet and telephone connections always 100% operational.

Strict Access Control:

  • 24/7 with security cameras and systems.

  • Strict entry and exit control of technicians and operators, with registration of date, time and reason for the visit.

  • Reinforced security for technical areas, protecting equipment against vandalism and theft.

Complete Management of the DG Room and POP:

  • Constant monitoring of room temperature, humidity and energy, ensuring ideal conditions for equipment operation.

  • Restricted access control to the room, only for authorized operator professionals.

Peace of mind for you and your tenants:

  • GLOBALBLUE is a guarantee that condominium owners and renters have uninterrupted access to the internet and telephone services.

  • Greater security for the enterprise, with the prevention of crimes and crimes.

  • Peace of mind for property managers, who can count on a specialized company to take care of the management of technical areas.

Faced with the growing use of the cloud, the explosion in the number of connected devices and increasingly stringent requirements regarding data protection, our operations stand out for their ability to meet the most complex demands of the market.

With the decentralization of traffic and the rise of remote work, our solutions adapt to new corporate dynamics, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity in any scenario.

Ensure the connectivity and operational efficiency of your enterprise with GLOBALBLUE. Get in touch and make a no-obligation assessment.


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