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Everything you need to know about Open RAN

As the telecommunications industry moves towards an open technology model, open radio access network standards - Open RAN - are starting to grow and attract interest from some of the biggest players in the market.

Therefore, with the conclusion of the 5G auction and the operators already forwarding their deployments, the future of internet networks has everything to pass now through this technology, which is not new, but only now attracts attention.

After all, what is Open-RAN (Open Radio Access Networks)?

The Open Radio Access Network is a modern wireless network architecture that allows greater choice, flexibility and agility for service providers implementing 5G.

It is worth noting that 5G is the start of many new technologies that, consequently, will need high speed, while Open-RAN is almost a complement to democratize these accesses.

What is the purpose of Open-RAN?

Open-RAN is a combination of modular base station software and hardware combinations with the aim of generating an open ecosystem of providers. The aim is to accelerate innovation, development time and reduce costs, unlike what we have today with proprietary technology networks.

The radio bases or stations are composed of a tower, antennas and equipment. This infrastructure is responsible for transmitting radio signals, processing and allowing access to the network.

In general, the equipment that makes up the structure of the stations are called “closed boxes”, that is, hardware and software solutions that, although based on standards, use proprietary technologies that do not communicate with solutions from other providers.

Therefore, open-RAN is basically a movement that tries to break up the parts of the telecommunications network, and not depend exclusively on a large equipment manufacturer. In fact, some operators want more open code.

The current scenario

For a better understanding, currently three manufacturers dominate the entire market. This directly impacts equipment costs and the sector's ability to innovate.

This is one of the crucial points of the O-RAN alliance, which aims to allow any vendor to offer hardware and software solutions that work with standardized architectures.

In this way, it will make it possible to break down barriers to access in terms of research and development and, therefore, the cost would be reduced, as it would open up space for new manufacturers.

Where does GLOBALBLUE fit into this context?

The GLOBALBLUE can help the enterprise in this access control and management. This is because the equipment and antennas installed would not be accessed only by the company that leased the space in the enterprise. They would be accessed, however, by any company or supplier qualified with the regulatory body and with an active contract with the Operators that have equipment on site. Therefore, we can guarantee greater security and efficiency for the condominium.

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