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Future of Telecommunications: Cloud Strategies Shaping the Year 2024

The telecommunications landscape is constantly driven by notable technological advances, such as 5G, and the imminent expansion of network traffic. Given this scenario, an imperative need arises for companies: to develop solid strategies anchored in the cloud.

This movement is a global reality, gaining prominence in Latin America.

According to a survey by IDC, a third of companies in the region are committed to maintaining technological investments on the rise until 2024. This trend reflects the desire of companies to boost their business objectives through innovative technologies.

Allocation of Business Investments in 2023:

  • Increased Productivity = 45%

  • Customer Improvement and Acquisition = 35%

  • Offer of Integrated Physical and Digital Experiences = 33%

  • Creation of Products and Services = 31%

According to Luciano Saboia, director of telecommunications at IDC for Latin America, "we observed six times greater growth in IT and companies when compared to GDP in Latin America."

Transitioning to the cloud is not just a strategic choice; has become a vital necessity for telecommunications companies. They need to be ready to sustain growing volumes of traffic and incorporate technological innovations, including 5G, IoT and automation, into their operations.

To present the possibilities of this developing ecosystem, we will bring together leading experts from large companies in the market, such as IDC, NEC, Accedian, Equinix, Tigo, GLOBABLUE, among others. share valuable insights into how cloud-based strategies are defining the future of telecommunications for the next year and beyond.


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