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How important is it to keep the team inspired?

People are the main and most important resource for any business. They are the ones who, on a daily basis, carry out the activities that lead them to reach their goals and fulfill the company's mission. In this sense, an essential component is creativity. And for creativity to happen, we have to keep the team inspired. With the energy and skills of an inspired and motivated team, you can accomplish anything.

How to get an inspired team?

Unsurprisingly, the work environment can be extremely competitive. However, instead of promoting competition, you should favor collaboration. Creating a suitable environment for your team is important. The way people interact with one another can encourage everyone to share their ideas. Without a doubt, a collaborative environment reduces pressure and increases the self-esteem of each team member.

Furthermore, it is essential to encourage personal and professional growth. Career planning and periodic feedback, for example, are the best way to achieve this. Also remember to give employees space to develop and stimulate their creativity, whether in new projects or in new roles within the company.

Benefits of having inspired employees

Inspiration for work is an essential element in your work team, as it brings with it a significant change in the performance of tasks. At the same time, it contributes to a healthy and collaborative work environment.

One of the most relevant benefits is the commitment of employees and their willingness to contribute more, perform better and achieve individual and organizational goals.

In addition to those mentioned, there are other important benefits such as:

  • More productivity, as the employee will perform better on tasks;

  • Lower levels of staff turnover which saves on recruiting and training new employees;

  • Improved customer service level, as good service comes from internal job satisfaction.

In 2022, GLOBALBLUE wants to be your inspiring environment

“Be Inspired” is the theme of our campaign for 2022. Inspiration, as a feeling that needs to be built, means that we can continually be surprised and surprised by our sources as well as those of others.

Are you open to her? Check out the video of our campaign below!


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