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How to improve business routine with the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things is a trend that is also gaining strength in companies. And no less. A study by CI&T and Opinion Box, carried out with 1241 Brazilian executives, found that 44.8% of professionals already see IoT as essential for the growth of companies. The survey also shows that 22% of business leaders took action in 2020 to digitize their business.

Since January 1, 2021, Law nº 14.108/2020, known as the Internet of Things Law, has been in force. Despite this denomination, the law does not regulate the Internet of Things or IoT (Internet of Things), but only reduces to zero the rate of certain fees and contributions for communications carried out from machine to machine. Furthermore, with 5G already a reality, the potential for using IoT only increases. According to McKinsey projections, Brazil can gain 27 billion dollars in economic potential by 2025, thanks to the savings with public management, transport, security and energy promoted by the IoT.

The forecasts are encouraging, but it must be recognized that the awareness of all the opportunities and possibilities offered by the IoT, especially in the professional field, is still a part to be explored. We'll talk more about them later.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

IoT is the connection between physical objects and digital objects, without human intervention. These are functionalities offered by online applications that allow our objects, once connected, to perform concrete actions in the real world. Devices know when to send the necessary information they get in real time - usually through sensors - to other devices to make our lives easier.

To be more specific, the Internet of Things refers to the systems of physical devices through which data is transferred and received over wireless networks.

With artificial intelligence and machine learning, data processing can also go much further with anticipating problems and incidents or even creating predictive algorithms, for example.

The Internet of Things in companies

As it could not be otherwise, companies also make use of the Internet of Things with an eye on efficiency and, consequently, on increasing competitiveness and productivity. In a market as complex as the current one, these characteristics are essential for any company that seeks to stand out.

In addition, companies are much more aware of their customers' behavior, as well as their interests and problems. This is because devices take on tasks, but mostly because they collect data from which knowledge and insights emerge. Thus, it is possible to make better choices, develop new services or change entire business models. But not only that.

Other benefits that IoT brings


Allows remote monitoring of energy consumption. In this way, said consumption can be optimized with the use of such smart devices..

logistics and transport

Imagine tracking vehicles, having traffic control, in addition to finding parking more easily? All this is possible with the internet of things.

medicine and health

Enables the implementation of systems that monitor employees and notify emergencies or doctors if necessary, based on real-time data.

Enjoy and don't leave your company behind

The Internet of Things is full of possibilities to facilitate everyday actions in the real world. Therefore, we cannot forget that significant steps are also needed in terms of business and organization. That's why GLOBALBLUE guides companies in the most important challenges of telecommunications and other technologies.

Talk to our experts and learn about our solutions and services for your condominium.


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