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Human Resources and Information Technology - strategic connection between the areas.

Usually the areas of HR and IT only talk when a new system is needed, there is a distancing but the market has been demanding more technology every day, which promotes the approach and can bring many benefits to HR.

The HR in Industry 4.0 needs to have as a goal to follow the technological revolution in society taking advantage of the automation of processes and functions, which thus adds strategic value for HR professionals, who can focus efforts on the welfare of employees and achieve better results for the company and less in operational activities. HR 4.0 is the answer that the human resources segment was looking for.

The adoption of technology has the great role of simplifying the daily tasks, automating the actions that would demand a lot of people's time. In this sense, digital transformation has everything to be a great ally of HR teams, helping them to develop new strategies in search of the most prepared candidates for this "new world" and company culture.

RH e TI conexão estratégica

With this, we can affirm that the current role of HR is to contribute to the strategic development of business, with technology as an important factor of competitiveness. Who better exploits the benefits of integrated systems will be ahead of the competition in the market. See below some points that today are indispensable to HR departments for better performance:

Performance evaluation and internal communication

When it comes to the performance evaluation of work teams the extraction of important data via digital platforms has become indispensable. Since the number of calls made in call centers and customer service, or in the case of GLOBALBLUE, the approval of projects per employee in a given time in central engineering are possible thanks to CRMs such as CNSDATA, the CRM developed by GLOBALBLUE to integrate all the main activities of services provided by the company.

In the day-to-day of companies the communication between departments is increasingly agile, reducing the need for large exchanges of emails and calls, with notifications and dashboards visible with activities listed by importance, entries and functions.

HR software are tools for controlling the Personnel Department that also facilitate internal communication and collaborate to the control of payroll with the proper discounts and extras in the remuneration avoiding errors and mismatches of information.

Recruitment and Selection

For years we have been using websites to register resumes and advertise job openings. Over time more user-friendly platforms have been created with social networking features, such as applications like Catho and Linkedin, which is now common for networking and publicizing companies, also serving as a portfolio of professionals who can expose their experiences publicly without the need to appear in any traditional media outlet. The novelty now is the use of artificial intelligence in the recruitment and selection of professionals, who need not only to fill certain characteristics but also to be compatible with the culture of the company, with selection processes that sometimes exceed thousands of applicants is increasingly difficult to think of HR teams that do not resort to technology to select the best professionals and using some resources of artificial intelligence reducing time and cost with the operation.

Talent retention and training

It is incredible to think that technology can even help in retaining talent, through internal and market research, it is possible to predict what a good professional expects from the company and offer it to him.

Training for new employees or for the implementation of new systems and updates are possible through virtual meetings, video classes, e-books, and even online tests. Several companies make continuous use of digital tools to train and promote talents internally.

Cloud Storage

Cloud file storage is one of the examples of technology that can be used by HR teams that work with large amounts of employee files, especially in multinational companies. Nowadays it is unfeasible to keep large stocks of files that occupy representative physical spaces in addition to the ease of finding these files in a few clicks.

E-point and digital wallet

The electronic timecard, now common in companies, is an ally of HR to control the working hours and punctuality of employees, but it is far from being the only way to coordinate the teams' schedules; today there are cell phone applications and artificial intelligence software capable of accurately evaluating each step of the employees.

Digital Workbook

One of the latest innovations is the creation of the digital work card to replace the physical work card available for viewing via application, with which the worker has easy access to information.

IT Consultancies

HR departments will not always be able to take a holistic view of the introduction of the digital revolution, and this is where IT consultancies come in, companies focused on finding the best solutions.


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