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Logistics Efficiency: Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities for Your Business

The logistics sector is fundamental to the Brazilian economy, but faces significant challenges. Logistics costs in Brazil increased from 9.3% of GDP in 2017 to 13.7% in 2022, a considerable disparity compared to developed countries.

This logistical inefficiency becomes an obstacle to sustainable growth, contributing to the famous "Brazil cost.

1. Challenges of Brazilian Logistics:

Low productivity and high costs (13.7% of GDP in 2022).

Comparison with developed countries (8% in the USA).

Bottlenecks in infrastructure, fuel and bureaucracy.

Impact on the final cost of products (up to 8%).

2. Technology as an Ally for Success:

Invest in technological solutions to overcome challenges.

Various tools for optimizing the logistics chain such as TMS.

Systems integration and process automation.

3. Innovative solutions:

Automated document issuance, cargo offering, routing, yard management and delivery monitoring.

Transport: centralization of processes, visibility, control, data security and total travel management.

For yards and warehouses: operations planning, increased predictability, autonomy, transparency and time measurement.

4. Real Results for Companies:

Cost reduction and optimization of Digital processes.

Increased revenue and issuance of agile documentation.

Reduction in vehicle dwell time.

Increase in the punctuality index.

5. The Future of Logistics:

Customized solutions to meet your needs.

Increased competitiveness and sustainable growth.

Logistics efficiency is crucial to the success of your business in 2024. There are innovative solutions on the market to optimize your logistics chain, reduce costs, increase productivity and achieve operational excellence.

To find out about other challenges and opportunities for your company and sector, follow our news portal, always covering the most relevant current topics.


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