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Mental Health at Work: The Path to Satisfaction and Fulfillment

White January is on the national health calendar as mental health awareness month. The month of January refers to the beginning of a cycle and when goals are set for the new period, including objectives related to habits and health care and well-being, making it a good time to talk about health care mental.

The color white refers to the idea of ​​blank canvases, on which we can project, (re)design, change and realize stories.

Mental Health must be present in all contexts of our lives and when we learn to deal with emotions, we can reproduce this in all of them. But then, even at work, can there be happiness? See the following points.

1. Achievement (social) – Although generally a necessity, work is the means by which we can develop and put into practice what we have learned and, in return, earn a living to build a life, seeking what matters to us at different stages of life. It is the means by which we subsist and also where we can measure our evolution and success, more tangible translations of a greater meaning: our achievement.

2. Career, not employment – ​​It is very common for us to do things at work that, sometimes, we do not do for ourselves outside of it. It's usually the easiest way to get tired and resentful. Instead, it is better to turn to ourselves and keep in mind the construction of a career, in which we develop and dedicate ourselves not for what is outside, but for ourselves, for our image and our professional history.

3. Constant development – ​​A great way to develop ourselves is to have reasons for this, which can appear through a need, an obligation or even a prerequisite for hierarchical growth. Always try to develop your knowledge and develop emotionally to ensure growth and fulfillment.

4. Reason - Analyze whether the “four dimensions of happiness” that can be achieved at work are being satisfied and review your plans when this does not happen for a long time: material conditions of existence, relational dimension, spiritual dimension and personal dimension - and seek balance between they.

5. Leave your mark – The best way to deal with our commitments is to use them as an opportunity to express who we are and what we believe. Wherever you are and whatever you do, instead of getting carried away, leave your mark.

At some moments in life, our work serves to learn. In others, a way to achieve our dreams. Sometimes it may merely be a form of subsistence before the next step, but none of this guarantees happiness because, as a human being, we need more.

"So yes, it is possible to be happy at work if it fulfills your purpose!

Think about this to build your new cycle."


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