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Neutral Management: The Solution for Efficiency in Telecommunications in Condominiums

In the complex dynamics of condominiums, preserving infrastructure and ensuring adequate capacity and availability of shafts, pipes and rooms destined for telecommunications operators is crucial. In this context, a company with neutral telecommunications management plays a fundamental role.

Challenges of Management in Condominiums

The lack of specific regulation for the technical activities of telecommunications operators in private properties leaves condominium infrastructures vulnerable, especially in critical issues such as information security and access control.

The Importance of Efficient Management

A telecommunications management company assumes responsibility for ensuring that the condominium's infrastructure meets the standards necessary for adequate service. In a market where innovations are constant, quality management aligned with the condominium's purposes is essential to achieve effective results in the near future..


  • Contract management: Preparation, negotiation and audit of onerous space assignment contracts, ensuring control and transparency.

  • Revenue Encumbrance: Partnership with operators to ensure values are aligned with the current market.

  • Technical Supervision: In-person and remote supervision to ensure the safety of the services provided.

  • Access control: Centralization of information and history of operator activities to optimize processes and ensure safety.

  • Implementation of Standards: Adoption of Technical Standards and Procedures to ensure the safety and preservation of the condominium infrastructure.

  • Extrajudicial Notifications: Actions to regularize infrastructure, documents and contracts in an ethical and efficient manner.

  • Experience and Ethics: More than 20 years of experience, developing solid and ethical relationships.

  • Compliance with LGPD: Guarantee of security and availability in processes in compliance with the General Data Protection Law.

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