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Neutral Networks: The internet that will transform your daily life!

Imagine a world where the internet is faster, more reliable and accessible for everyone. This is the promise of Neutral Networks, a new era of connectivity that is revolutionizing the telecommunications sector and positively impacting the daily lives of people and companies.

But what are Neutral Networks??

In short, they are network infrastructures shared between several providers and telephone operators. Think of a road that, instead of belonging to just one company, is open so that all cars can pass through it. Likewise, Neutral Networks allow different telecommunications companies to offer their internet, TV, telephone and other services, all on the same network.

And how does it benefit you?

  • Faster, more reliable internet: With more businesses competing on the same network, you can expect faster internet speeds and more stable connections.

  • More options and lower prices: The variety of providers increases, which means more plan options and more competitive prices to choose from.

  • More innovation and services: Companies invest more in innovation when they have access to a shared infrastructure, which means more services and features for you to enjoy.

  • More connectivity for everyone: Neutral Networks facilitate the expansion of internet coverage to rural and remote areas, bringing connectivity to more people.

Practical examples of the impact of Neutral Networks:

  • You can finally watch your movies and series online without any crashes.

  • Download large files quickly and easily.

  • Make video calls without cuts and with great image and sound quality.

  • Work remotely without worrying about the internet going down.

  • Your children can study online without interruptions.

  • Your company has access to faster and more reliable internet to increase your productivity.


Neutral Networks are an innovation that is transforming the telecommunications sector and positively impacting the daily lives of people and companies. They bring more speed, reliability, options and lower prices to the internet, in addition to promoting innovation and connectivity for everyone.

Do you want to know more about Neutral Networks and how they can transform the world? Follow GLOBALBLUE on its communication channels and keep up to date with the latest news.


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