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“Essential to achieve! Planning is the inspiration to get started.”

Planning is the preparation of a job with the establishment of methods for carrying out, for assertive action and with less risk. It can also be done mentally, depending on the complexity and importance of the task, as a kind of “training” in anticipating actions to choose the best path to achieve intended goals.

In planning, we identify possible errors, in order to propose solutions in advance. If done correctly and consciously, planning serves to decrease anxiety and not increase it or make you give up.

But planning goes further and also serves to start something. As we conduct research, seek data and exchange ideas with people about our plans, we get involved and inspired by both the process and the goal.

Strategies can be used for this, but inspired by a good plan, we can even overcome procrastination. Determining dates, goals and methods allow resilience in the face of difficulties and persistence on some long paths.

Planning is essential for different contexts and different ideas - more or less simple, for new businesses, for a career and even for... dinner - even if it's that little plan with the things we find in the fridge. It's the real investment of time that decreases the chances of mistakes and... inspires us to start and strengthens us to keep going!


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