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Pricing in the Condominium Market: Low Costs or Differentiation?

Pricing products and services in the condominium market is a constant challenge. How to find the balance between value and cost, without harming the financial health of the condominium and the satisfaction of residents?

In this article, we explore two pricing strategies: low cost and differentiation. We analyze successful cases of American airlines and offer tips for you to choose the best strategy for your condominium.

-- Pricing Strategies:

1. Low cost:

  • Ideal for condominiums looking to offer basic services at competitive prices.

  • Requires a lean and efficient structure, focusing on resource optimization.

  • Transparency in communication with residents is essential to avoid unrealistic expectations.

2. Differentiation:

  • Focus on delivering premium services and personalized experiences.

  • Allows you to charge higher prices, retaining residents and attracting new ones.

  • Invests in innovation, technology and excellent service.

-- Cases on the market:

1. Frontier Airlines:

  • American airline using low-cost strategy.

  • Offers competitive rates with basic services.

  • Ideal for those looking for savings and don't care about differences.

2. United Airlines:

  • American airline that uses the differentiation strategy.

  • Offers premium services and personalized experiences.

  • Ideal for those looking for comfort, quality and exclusivity.

-- Lessons Learned:

  • The big mistake in pricing is charging the price for one strategy and delivering another.

  • Align expectations with residents and deliver exactly what they expect.

  • Choose the market niche you want to operate in and define your pricing strategy.

-- Tips for Success:

Carry out a market study: Analyze competition, costs and the needs of your residents.

Define your goals: Determine what you want to achieve with the pricing of your products and services.

Be transparent: Communicate clearly and objectively the prices and services you offer.

Offer options: Allow residents to choose between different plans and services.

Review your strategy periodically: Evaluate whether the chosen strategy is working and make adjustments when necessary.

Strategic pricing is essential for the success of your condominium in 2024. Choose the most appropriate strategy for your market niche and align expectations with your residents.


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