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Technological Innovations Transform the Condominium Market: Many Possibilities at Your Doorstep

The year 2024 is announced as a promising period for the condominium market, consolidating a new standard of housing marked by technology, facilities and an increasingly demanding resident profile.

More than ever, choosing a place goes beyond just a physical space. It is a decision that reflects the lifestyle and needs of each individual.

Condominium services, mobility and, especially, technology play fundamental roles in this context.

The concepts of smart living and digital buildings will continue to gain prominence, reshaping the residential landscape with innovations that provide more practicality and comfort for residents.

- Innovative Trends for the Future of Housing:

Smart Living and Expanding Digital Buildings : The digitalization of condominiums is consolidated, with connected apartments and services that go beyond automation, such as personal and ride-sharing apps.

Personalized and Integrated Services : The tenant experience becomes central, with on-demand services, scheduling of amenities and even purchasing products and services within the condominium app.

Solutions for Urban Mobility : The challenges of mobility in large cities drive the offer of innovative solutions within condominiums, such as ride-sharing and car rental apps.

Demand for Technology and Security : The middle class is becoming increasingly adept at digital services, seeking security, comfort and differentiated services.

Buildings as Digital Devices : Buildings become true digital devices, with various applications and services, positively impacting the tenant experience and the management of the condominium.

- Opportunities for the Real Estate Market:

Market Heating : The drop in interest rates makes it easier to take out credit and boosts the purchase and sale of properties.

Property Valuation : Demand in Brazil remains high, with good prospects for property appreciation.

New Needs of Residents : Administrators need to adapt to the new profile, more demanding and connected, seeking innovative solutions and strategic partnerships.

The year 2024 is a time of great opportunities for the condominium market. Technology, resident experience and the search for innovative solutions will be the pillars of the sector's growth.

In this dynamic scenario, the search for reliable and innovative partners, such as GLOBALBLUE, becomes essential to meet the constantly changing demands of condominium owners and ensure efficient and adaptable management of these spaces.


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