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Telecom Management Automation: get to know a platform CNSDATA

Every company that has a business vision and is willing to become increasingly competitive in the market knows that it must constantly invest in technological resources that are capable of making its processes more agile and assertive. With this, GLOBALBLUE, realizing the need to centralize more information and automate processes, developed the CNSDATA Platform (National Registry of Services).

The CNSDATA Platform is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which means “Customer Relationship Management”. Basically this is the role of the tool, from the optimization of processes to the relationship with customers, operators and service providers, where these processes can be monitored in real time and online, with complete security of your data.

Technology is increasingly present in our daily lives, whether at work or at home, bringing ease and comfort. For this reason, the CNSDATA Platform is constantly evolving, receiving new demands, it is always a new challenge that I have to face, since this CRM is one of the pioneers in contract management and telecommunications infrastructure, radically reducing the work process and improving user satisfaction in the provision of services, which is great, because I am always in constant evolution".
*José Flávio - Programmer and Developer.

Do you already have a system, or rather a platform that manages the entire area of ​​contracts and Telecommunications infrastructure in your enterprise? Or are you, owner of a Telecommunications operator, able to manage your projects, whether they are for customer service or approaching projects, together with the scheduling of installations carried out by third parties? Have you ever stopped to think how important and efficient a platform with several features is to help you in the processes of these services?

So, notice how technology is increasingly present and participatory in companies, becoming a great ally in the management of Telecommunications, including when managed through the CNSDATA Platform, which makes it possible to perform access releases in common areas of the projects, analysis and approval of projects, management and accreditation of qualified technicians for activities according to the required NRs, generation of reports and auditing, bringing greater security both to the companies involved and to users who have access.

The CNSDATA Platform also has an intelligent electronic signature system, optimizing time in authorizations for the execution of Telecommunications activities in the enterprise. Ensuring that all platform data handling, as well as its structuring, are protected in accordance with the Laws in force and the LPGD – Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (13.709/2018).

Envision ways to converge systems, manage data and optimize your day-to-day processes following the market's technological innovations, integrating existing workflows, without being stuck in the past. Be an innovation and technology enthusiast, meet Plataforma CNSDATA ( and manage your business!


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