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Telecommunications management, what differences do you need to be aware of?

Effective telecommunications management offers several significant advantages for your commercial, residential, shopping malls and logistics centers, and other business models on the market..

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between ordinary telecommunications management and a truly exceptional one?

The answer may be closer than you think.

  • Operation: Optimized management allows you to identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses, reduce waste and negotiate better contracts with suppliers and service providers.

  • Automation: The implementation of a system such as CNSDATA, allows the management of information, optimizing the internal processes of customers, operators and service providers, aiming for agility and efficiency in service.

  • Storage: A channel where data and reports are stored and ready for the manager to access whenever and wherever he wants, and have a list of all activities, billing, actions in one place, this is the GBCLOUD where files are available in real time, and following all LGPD standards.

  • Monitoring: Management of technical rooms, through intelligent cameras that identify movement and sounds, where equipment is constantly protected, here we use our own system called SIR (Remote Image System), where no other company in the sector has anything similar.

  • Space Assignment: The place where it is designated for operators and providers to allocate their equipment, where we can play a fundamental role in the enterprise, managing management projects, infrastructure regularization and achieving revenue that is reverted to the enterprise itself.

  • Growth Capacity: Effective management allows the telecom infrastructure to grow according to business needs, ensuring that companies that rent space can expand without facing communication bottlenecks.

  • Adaptation to New Technologies: Well-structured management facilitates the integration of new technologies such as 5G and services ranging from automation or IOT, keeping the company competitive in the market.

  • Customer support: Well-defined management processes allow for more effective customer support, resolving problems quickly and improving the experience of everyone involved.

And it doesn’t stop there, focus on innovation. continuous improvement in infrastructure, supervising in-person or remote technical visits, implementation and readjustment of the POP / DG Room, full support with the CAT (24-hour Technical Assistance Center), developing construction projects, safeguarding projects with the implementation of the NPT (Standards and Technical Procedures) and many other points, to be aware of before carrying out a survey of companies in the sector, which often promise full support to the manager and administration, but do not deliver even 50% of the activities listed here.

In short, effective telecom management in the most diverse projects improves the quality of service provided by operators, increases customer safety and productivity, and provides a better experience for your company and its condominium owners.

If you are interested in finding out more about the services and differences, look for the company that is pioneering and leading in the market, contact us.


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