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The different access control systems for your business

Being able to make the commercial enterprise a safe place is one of the biggest challenges for any liquidator. In this sense, access control systems become something inherent to the management dynamics of this type of property. The natural thing is that the liquidators seek effective solutions for this, investing in adequate security measures with systems that make the most of all the technology currently available.

Access control systems have evolved over the years. One of the first technologically advanced systems to hit the market was the proximity card, then biometric readers with fingerprints and facial recognition, and now also the remote entrance. We'll talk a little more about them below, providing some recommendations and highlighting the importance of establishing this type of control.

What is an access control system?

It is an electronic mechanism that restricts the entry of unauthorized persons into areas protected by security systems. In addition, it allows employees to enter and leave the premises of the project, ensuring the safety and management of employees. But it is important that this access system can establish different levels of access and flexibility when it comes to being able to give authorization in different zones and times. Especially when it comes to occasional visits, which represent a low level of access.

The access control system is cost-effective and easy to use for both users and security guards.

Three types of access controls

Proximity Cards

In addition to access, the proximity card sets the permitted limits according to functions and needs.

It is one of the most used access controls in commercial enterprises. Made by radio frequency through electronic keys, cards, ID, passwords, it establishes the allowed limits according to the functions and needs. This is because it works with data integration, enabling automatic release or restriction without the need for human action. In addition, it is possible to view the data of the person or vehicle that is accessing the restricted area, as well as download historical reports.

One of its great strengths is the large data storage capacity, which makes it ideal for large enterprises.


They are known as intelligent access control systems or AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems because they are the most modern in the security market. Its operation is based on the detection of the individual's physical characteristics in order to subsequently allow or deny their access to the monitored area.

It also serves as a way to control employees, as it prevents identity theft and eliminates the problems of forgetting or losing cards. Easy to install, it is extremely secure and can include identification through the iris of the individual's eye for maximum levels of security.

Remote concierge

Modern, reduces costs with innovative technology. Control is done through cameras that send their images to a security center. Thus, specialized professionals monitor and release access.

Usually installed at electric gates, turnstiles, elevators, barriers or at the entrances of your premises or buildings, an intercom system with access control interface and CCTV that connects directly to a control room. Credentials are requested, with a visual verification of each person requesting entry, as well as the purpose of the visit. All visitors can be checked against access lists as part of custom processes before access is granted.

Access to telecom infrastructures also require attention

Paying attention to "technical access" is also essential for the proper functioning and security of your condominium. How many times have we heard reports of criminals trying to impersonate operators' technicians to carry out illegal activities in the condominium? Or attempted interceptions, eavesdropping or even sabotage? All these situations are of concern to any building manager and/or landlord, due to their responsibilities as legal guardians for the condominium.

Therefore, it is important to have full control of any attempt to access the condominium's telecom infrastructure. Thus, it is possible to certify that they are legitimate, confirming them with the applicant and also with the operator.

In addition, remember that every technical activity in the condominium must have a project prepared by an engineer, and also analyzed and approved by the responsible engineer, before being executed.

How can GLOBALBLUE help?

Our design, execution and management of telecommunications infrastructure includes the implementation of a POP Room with sistema SIR (remote image management). In practice, this prevents malicious people from ending up having access to these infrastructures. In addition, we have CAT (Technical Service Center) with supervision and technical on-call for service24x7.

Chat now with our experts and clear all your doubts. We are waiting for your contact!


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