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The future of connectivity: How infrastructure sharing is changing the landscape

We are witnessing an era of transformation, where disruptive trends are shaping the current landscape in significant ways. The future of connectivity and energy are increasingly being influenced by several trends, and two of these trends are infrastructure sharing and cable grounding and both are significantly impacting our current landscape.

But to better understand this shared future, we need to understand what each provides.

Infrastructure Sharing:

Infrastructure sharing is nothing more than the practice of using the same physical infrastructure for different purposes, such as telecommunications, energy and even transportation.

And all this can already be seen with your own eyes in smart city projects, where a single network of fiber optic cables can be used to provide internet services, traffic monitoring, lighting and many other applications.

Instead of building separate infrastructures for each purpose, this approach seeks to take advantage of the excess capacity of existing infrastructures, boosting the concept of multifunctional towers and poles resulting in greater efficiency and cost reduction, this avoids the need to build several separate structures, reducing the visual impact.

Sharing infrastructure reduces deployment and maintenance costs and simplifies network management.

Cable Grounding:

About cable grounding, that is, the installation of underground cables instead of aerial ones, is becoming a safer practice for the management of energy and telecommunication networks.

Proper grounding helps prevent the risk of damage from electrical storms by preventing fires, falling trees, equipment failures, and improving aesthetics in urban areas.

With the increasing demand for power and connectivity, it is essential to ensure cables are properly grounded. This involves using the proper materials, proper installation techniques, and regular monitoring to detect and correct any grounding problems..

In short, the future of connectivity and energy is moving towards a smarter, more sustainable, connected and energy efficient future.

Infrastructure sharing and cable grounding are playing critical roles in this entire transformation. Where it becomes more and more necessary a neutral management which aims to equalize the action of all operators.

In this scenario, GLOBALBLUE can help with best practices, which are increasingly allowing the development of more robust and sustainable networks, driving technological advancement and improving people's quality of life.


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