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The Giant by the Sea: The History of One Tower, the Tallest Building in Brazil

In the vibrant city of Balneário Camboriú, in Santa Catarina, a giant stands on the seafront: One Tower. With its impressive 290 meters high and 84 floors, the building holds the title of the tallest building in Brazil and the second tallest in South America, since its opening in 2022.

3 Fascinating Curiosities:

Overcoming Challenges: The construction of One Tower was a true engineering challenge. The team had to deal with the complex logistics of transporting materials for such a tall project, as well as ensuring the building's stability on sandy soil.

  • Cutting-edge Technology:

One Tower is an example of cutting-edge technology in civil construction. The building has an intelligent building automation system, high-speed elevators, a state-of-the-art fire safety system and much more.

  • Stunning View:

The One Tower apartments offer stunning views of the sea and the city of Balneário Camboriú. From the top of the building, you can appreciate the beauty of the region and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • A Symbol of Modernity:

One Tower has become a symbol of modernity and progress for Balneário Camboriú. The imposing building contributed to the verticalization of the city and consolidated it as one of the main tourist destinations in Brazil.

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