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The importance of access control to the telecommunications infrastructure in the condominium.

Telecommunications is now a vital part of any business, because it is through telecommunications that companies stay "online", connected to the world. Now imagine what it means for a company to go "offline", losing connection with the world? Such a fact can be catastrophic, bringing countless losses, including financial ones.

In corporate condominiums, the financial losses can be quite high, since large companies move thousands of reals daily in their activities.

importância do controle de acesso as infraestruturas de telecomunicações

What if a company stops billing thousands of dollars because it goes "offline" due to an error or incident caused by another company? This is what can happen when the access to the telecommunications infrastructure of a condominium does not have a strict control.

Many of the cases in which a company has its telecommunications services interrupted, are due to an incident caused by unsupervised technical intervention in the telecom infrastructure of the condominium, where usually the technician in activity ends up accidentally causing damage to the wiring of another condominium owner/tenant which is installed in the same infrastructure.

In this type of incident, the company that was damaged by the interruption in their telecom services, may require the condominium an compensation based on the values that it failed to earn by the lack of service at any given time, what we know as lost profits. This may be requested, since the interruption of service was beyond her control, and thus not her responsibility, but that of a third party, which did not have proper supervision in the activity performed.

In addition to supervision, it is important to make sure that every technical activity in the condominium has a project, which was prepared by an engineer, and was also analyzed and approved by the responsible engineer of the condominium, before being performed.

There is also the concern to make sure that any attempt to access the telecom infrastructure of the condominium, are legitimate, which must be confirmed with the applicant, and also the operator. There have already been cases in which criminals have tried to pass themselves off as operators' technicians to perform illegal activities in the condominium.

Another issue that we must pay attention to is related to possible attempts of interceptions, eavesdropping or even sabotage, which is very worrying to any building manager and / or liquidator, due to their legal responsibilities under the Brazilian civil code.

For all the above, it is understood that the management of telecommunications infrastructures is an important discipline in any condominium, and can be a major differential for a company to choose to become a tenant in a given enterprise.


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