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The importance of technical monitoring and supervision of activities

Anyone who manages a commercial enterprise must always be aware of aspects such as safety and quality of services. In this sense, the technical follow-up and supervision of activities establish a set of actions that will be carried out to verify the correct execution of activities in the enterprise.

It is a fact that the telecommunications industry is changing faster than ever before. The growing proliferation of competitors requires operators to think of new ways to be relevant to the end customer. A great way is to offer a much more productive and better quality field technical assistance service.

As a result, activity supervision is required, common in many places where access controls already exist, such as offices, hotels and airports. This is because it is essential to know the identity of the people who enter and leave the premises of the enterprise, as well as details such as dates, times and other data of interest. All this information plays a vital role in the safety of both workers and the material assets of a company.

How can activity supervision improve facility safety?

Real-time visit control

The receptionist or person in charge will be able to check in real time the people who are inside the premises. Also, if you have an access card, you will be able to know where the visitor is and, in case of an emergency, for example in an evacuation plan, notify them.

Access to visit history

Get a list of the visits recorded in a given period, with all the information that was entered in the system at the time. In this way, it will be possible to know who enters and will enter the commercial enterprise.

Increased productivity

It is important to highlight the visitor experience, as visiting the facility is often a complicated process. That's why, by pre-registering visitors, you'll help front desk staff speed up entry and provide a much better experience.

GLOBALBLUE offers supervision and technical support

GLOBALBLUE operates in the management of Telecom infrastructure with the Implementation of a POP Room (Operators' Point of Presence). In addition, it has CNSDATA, a CRM that allows the creation, approval and release of projects, prior registration of technical teams and other requests with online monitoring.

With the SIR, it manages the images of the POP/DG Rooms through smart cameras with sensors capable of identifying movements. In addition, a voice system is also available that allows the central to communicate with the professional in the field and supervise the activities.

Talk to us and learn about our services and systems in detail. They are certainly solutions that can make all the difference in the productivity and safety of the commercial enterprise.


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