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The opportunities that open up in strategic partnerships

Opportunities are all around us. But to understand them it is necessary to have a very broad vision, with genuine curiosity and the desire to know new and different things from our daily lives.

When it comes to the corporate market, which GLOBALBLUE conquered during its trajectory through its 20 years in the Telecom and Telematics segment, we bring below 10 main opportunities in your business so that you can achieve even more success in your enterprise:

  1. We will be responsible for the entire TELECOM infrastructure, with complete information security for tenant customers, banks, among others. Analysis and approval of operators' projects will be carried out through the Department of Central Engineering with collection of ART, technical supervision and audit of the facilities in order to guarantee the integrity of the existing infrastructures, to support new demands;

  2. Technical responsibility now belongs to GLOBALBLUE, and no longer to the syndicate and management;

  3. The condominium no longer needs to hire a collaborator for technical supervision, as this will be done by a qualified GLOBALBLUE professional. Due to the standardization (NPT - Norms and Technical Procedures) the technical procedures will be faster;

  4. We will advise and assist building tenants in contracting Telecom services;

  5. We have an organizational structure established on a consolidated basis, where its employees have continuous training and planned qualification, to serve all our condominiums with maximum quality, efficiency and safety;

  6. Elaboration, negotiation and management of contracts for Assignment of Space for Onerous Use with TELECOM operators, legal consultancy in the area of telecommunications, contracts and regulatory;

  7. Invitation to new operators to the condominium, expanding the hiring possibilities;

  8. Exclusive management systems: CNSDATA (National Service Register), SIR (Remote Imaging System), GBCLOUD, GBSYSTEM.

  9. Periodic management reports of everything that happens to the condominium (all these systems are detailed in our proposal and already included in our prices).

  10. Last but not least, the increase in revenue with operators, where contracts now have annual readjustments according to the index adopted and updated;

A successful partnership needs to generate wins for all parties involved. For this reason, it is necessary to bear in mind that there must be a balance between efforts, investments and earnings. In this way, it is possible to achieve the expected goals and objectives through these strategies.


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