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The real need for project management

It is known that 70% of companies in Brazil close within their first 5 years of existence, due to poor administrative management and lack of strategic planning. It is essential that a company has a good management of its resources, with basic concepts on administration, cost of goods sold or of its services and cash flow, among others.

Even small businesses cannot be managed informally, ideally every company should have a Controller on its staff, who will develop financial and business recommendations, provide feedback on the company's budget, and assist the leadership in making key financial decisions.

Good planning pushes the company in the right direction, helping with information so that it can anticipate threats and diagnose opportunities and improvements.

A real necessidade do gerenciamento de projetos

What today facilitates and is necessary for the information to be consolidated, and thus can be used by decision-makers is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which in Portuguese is nothing more than the Enterprise Resource Planning. This can be achieved, for example, through a system such as Totvs, which automates the administrative processes, bringing more efficiency and productivity.

For this to work it is also important that the company's leadership, or the entrepreneur as the case may be, is committed and involved with the process in all its phases, and it is important to hold periodic meetings to monitor performance, in which all short and long-term goals will be discussed, accompanied by reports showing the evolution and results, so that action plans can be drawn up as needed.

Every company can only glimpse where it can get to if it has set goals and maintains the focus on its objective. Whenever there is good planning, you can develop a more accurate vision of the segment where your company is inserted, being duly prepared to see the right opportunities that may arise.


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