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The role of 5G in digital transformation, bringing a robust infrastructure.

The advancement of 5G is transforming many industries, and its relationship with IT infrastructure and data centers is of utmost importance. With faster connection speeds, lower latency and greater network capacity, 5G technology brings significant benefits to infrastructure and data centers.

The "Roadmap Forum Latin America 2023" survey, carried out by IDC and released in March, reveals that 5G subscriptions should represent 6% of mobile connections in Latin America this year, and the forecast is that they will reach 17% by 2026. other countries concentrate most of this volume, the growth of 5G in the region is promising. In Brazil, for example, Anatel reported that the 5G base closed at 5.7 million accesses in 2022.

According to the German institute Statista, the revenue of the telecommunications industry related to 5G is expected to exceed US$ 342 billion this year, indicating the rapid growth of this sector. In this context, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) play a crucial role in understanding the potential of 5G and the importance of making systems more efficient and environmentally friendly, meeting the expectations of the public and investors concerned about the environment.

One of the areas impacted by the deployment of 5G is the IT infrastructure. With increasing bandwidth, data centers have to handle a greater volume of information generated by connected devices. This requires an IT infrastructure capable of efficiently processing and storing large amounts of data. In addition, latency reduction drives the adoption of technologies such as virtual reality, online gaming, industrial automation and autonomous vehicles, further increasing the demand for a robust and scalable infrastructure.

Another significant change brought about by 5G is the possibility of more viable edge computing. This allows you to process data and run applications closer to where it is generated, reducing the need to send all data to a centralized environment. This approach eases the burden on IT infrastructure, improves 5G network efficiency, and supports real-time applications and emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

The expansion of IoT is also driven by 5G, with estimates indicating more than 27 billion IoT devices connected globally by 2025. This generates a massive amount of information that needs to be processed and stored by data centers. Therefore, IT infrastructure and data centers must be prepared to handle this exponential increase in demand for connectivity and processing.

Additionally, 5G drives the adoption of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and real-time data analytics.

Data centers play a key role in supporting these technologies, providing the processing power and storage capacity needed to handle increased demand.

To take full advantage of the opportunities offered by 5G, it is crucial for companies to invest in upgrading their IT infrastructure and data centers. This includes modernizing infrastructure, ensuring operational continuity and advancing sustainability.

Infrastructure modernization involves expanding storage capacity, improving processing power, and implementing edge computing solutions. Collaboration between telcos and IT infrastructure providers is essential for an efficient combination of resources, ensuring fast and secure data processing.

Operational continuity is vital to avoid interruptions in services. Implementing data backup and disaster recovery systems ensures continuous availability of IT infrastructure and data centers, protecting critical business data.

As for sustainability, it is critical to adopt sustainable practices in IT infrastructure and data centers. This includes using energy efficient solutions, harnessing renewable energies and intelligently managing energy consumption. These practices not only contribute to the preservation of the environment, but also result in financial benefits, such as reduced energy operating costs.

In short, 5G is driving a transformation in IT infrastructure and data centers. To take full advantage of this revolutionary technology, companies must invest in modernizing their infrastructure, ensure operational continuity and move towards sustainability. GLOBALBLUE adopts measures that will allow companies/condominiums to keep up with the accelerated pace of 5G advancement, taking advantage of all opportunities and remaining competitive in the constantly evolving market.


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