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What is the Annual Power Shutdown

The Annual Electricity Maintenance Shutdown (PAME) is a scheduled interruption in the supply of electric energy to carry out preventive maintenance in the electrical network systems of commercial, residential condominiums and shopping malls, power plants, substations, bus cabins or primary.

how to plan:

It is important to carry out a simulation of strategic points to minimize disturbances and identify possible problems. The total disconnection of energy is carried out by the distributor, respecting the regulations in force.

Building Maintenance is a set of analyzes that can predict failures and identify points in the electrical, security, elevators and machinery systems that need maintenance and thus avoid future problems, being essential to maintain the reliability of the enterprise.

Before carrying out the stop, it is recommended to carry out a simulation of strategic points, in order to minimize inconvenience, where the engineering, electrical and management teams are looking in this process for points that may have gone unnoticed and conflicts do not occur during execution.

In order for this to happen in a safe way, respecting and complying with current standards NBR5410, NBR5419, NBR14039, NR10 and ANEEL resolution 456/00, the distributor must completely disconnect the electricity from the enterprise.

What's the point?

The purpose of PAME is to guarantee the reliability of the enterprise, avoid future problems and guarantee the security of the condominium.

The lack of electricity impacts on the progress of services and care as a whole, causes damage, causing further inconvenience to users. That is why regular maintenance is essential, not only in the energy supply, but in the environment as a whole, to avoid problems and ensure lower costs and security for the condominium.

After the concessionaire turns off the building's power input, it is a very delicate moment and the services cannot have unforeseen events. Everything must be executed with mastery, as a simple and small fault can delay the entire progress of the service, and a stop that had been planned to be done in 8 hours.

GLOBALBLUE, which is responsible for managing the Telecom infrastructure, informs operators about the Annual Electrical Maintenance Shutdown (PAME) and advises on the need to carry out a preventive inspection of systems and equipment centers, verifying the autonomy of the UPS and/or generators, so that the building and other users are not affected.


The Annual Electric Power Maintenance Shutdown (PAME) is a need to carry out adjustments and preventive maintenance in the electrical network systems of commercial and residential condominiums, shopping malls, etc. Before carrying out the PAME, it is recommended to carry out a simulation of strategic points to minimize inconvenience and ensure safety and compliance with the standards, it is important to hold an alignment meeting to collect data and information on how the maintenance carried out unfolded and identify points of improvement for the next stops.


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