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What is the need for a neutral telecom infrastructure manager?

The preservation of infrastructures, a good dimensioning of the capacity and availability of shafts, pipes and rooms for use by Operators and/or Service Providers, is another important function of a neutral company managing Telecommunications in the condominium.

Due to the development being a private property, there is no regulation on how the technical activities of the Operators and/or Service Providers of Telecommunications must be carried out, which ends up leaving the infrastructures of the common areas of the Condominiums in a vulnerable situation, mainly in matters of information security, access control and responsibilities.

In this way, the Telecommunications management company assumes the responsibility of acting in such a way as to guarantee that its infrastructure has basic conditions for an adequate service.

The news and market trends are moved at an incredible speed and are increasingly present in residential and corporate condominiums, bringing innovation so that they have excellent results in the near future.

Quality management must be fully aligned with its purposes and planning, so that these benefits do not go unnoticed in your Condominium.

We will present you 9 reasons and differences of having a management company like GLOBALBLUE working in your Condominium:

  1. Management, elaboration, negotiation and auditing of contracts for the assignment of space for onerous use (allowing control of facilities);

  2. Encumbrance of condominium revenue together with operators (allowing the value to be in accordance with the current market value);

  3. On-site technical supervision, ensuring the safety of the service provided and employee identification;

  4. Remote supervision through the SIR (Remote Imaging System) managing the images of the POP rooms (Operators' Point of Presence) better known DG (Central Distributor) or Teleport;

  5. Access control and history of Operator activities where we store and centralize information, optimizing processes and relationships with customers, operators and service providers, using our CNSDATA system (National Service Register);

  6. Implementation of the NPT (Standards and Technical Procedures) in order to guarantee the security, logistical control and preservation of the entire infrastructure of the Condominium;

  7. Extrajudicial notifications for regularization of infrastructure, documents and contracts;

  8. Ethics, considering more than 20 years of experience, developing the necessary experience for a good relationship;

  9. Adequacy with the LGPD (General Data Protection Law) ensuring security and availability in processes already covered by Law 13.709/2018.


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