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What you need to know about antenna and access security

Telecommunications networks are constantly on the rise, especially in large cities. Therefore, commercial property owners are often contacted regarding the cessão de espaço de uso oneroso for renting space in order to install Telecom antennas (Voice, Data, 4G, 5G...).

While this is an attractive idea, it is important to remember that these types of contracts have a number of structural and access security considerations. If they are not observed, telecommunications antennas can present a latent civil protection risk.

What is needed for the building to be able to rent its antenna?

The first aspect to take into account is the location of the Enterprise. It cannot be within 50 meters of hospitals, health posts, or a kindergarten school, as well as it must not be within 100 meters of another tower. And, of course, the unit owners must approve the rent for the top of the building in the Assembly, and everything must be duly registered in the minutes.

From a documentary point of view, it is necessary that the condominium has the Auto de Vistoria do Corpo de Bombeiros (AVCB) and the technical report of the lightning rod regularized and up to date.

For project approval, it is necessary to submit Anotação de Responsabilidade Técnica (ART) and regulatory documents before the City Hall and other competent bodies.

What to consider when accessing security

Technical analysis

The weight of telecommunication transmission equipment can reach two tons. Therefore, those responsible need to make sure that they will not damage the top structure of the building. Therefore, it is essential to present a technical report with an analysis of the slab's capacity to support the load. In addition, the electrical charge that will be consumed by the equipment must also be taken into account.

Liability insurance

It is the responsibility of the Telecom company to take out civil liability insurance. The objective is to guarantee the insured the indemnity for bodily or material damages caused to third parties unintentionally. It is especially useful in cases of possible accidents during the execution of the work, term of lease and uninstallation of equipment.

radiometric report

Also known as the Compliance Report, it consists of a detailed document signed by a qualified professional on the calculation or measurement of non-ionizing radiation present in locations that are close to telecommunications towers or radiocommunication systems.

According to Anatel Resolution 700, "telecommunications stations that use transmission stations that expose human beings to electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields in the 9kHz to 300GHz radio frequency band need to prepare the Compliance Report for Non-Ionizing Radiation - RNI ". Therefore, it is necessary to prove safe levels of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the antennas.


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