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Who takes care of the condominium and why preserve the common areas?

Inadequate infrastructure management can be a problem, as telecommunications operators, who already have their own business, are not able to audit their own activities. This creates a conflict of interest and can result in problems such as service interruptions, theft and property damage.

Access control, although important, is not enough, as technicians entering condominiums are not properly checked. In addition, management can be done by the operator itself, increasing insecurity.

"GLOBALBLUE's Information Technology Engineering has already identified condominiums where there is no information about activities carried out or existing contracts with operators."

Therefore, taking care of the common areas of the building or condominium is essential, condominium managers must be concerned with the necessary maintenance so that everything is in perfect order.

The tenants, on the other hand, should bear in mind how important it is to keep everything in order, looking after and taking care of the common spaces, not damaging them and instructing anyone to do so.

We can cite several advantages of preserving common areas that go beyond the valuation of the development and, consequently, of the units.

Some basic tips can help the superintendent:

  1. Before closing any budget, those responsible for management should research companies that provide the necessary services.

  2. Price is an important part, but it cannot be the only high point in consideration..

  3. When deciding which company will be chosen to carry out the service, try to find out more about the materials that each one uses and the quality of the service..

  4. Set up the schedule with all the maintenance of the condominium, in this sense the CNSDATA (Cadastro Nacional de Serviços) PIt can help you relieve this workload, as the control of service providers, and which technicians entered the enterprise, as well as the period they remained on site, are registered on the platform.

  5. Each piece of equipment and each area of the condominium must be monitored according to the periodicity of its maintenance.

  6. In the access management stage, control of technicians mainly from the operators, and management of the Telecom contract to GLOBALBLUE can help you, if interested, contact our commercial area.

For everything to work in the condominium, it takes hard work and dedication. By following these precautions, keeping the common areas of the condominium in good condition will be much easier and more peaceful, spending less money and increasing the value of real estate.


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