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Why enter into a contract?

Contracts are present in our daily lives and are used for the most diverse formalizations of bonds, whether they are for work, marriage, assignment, lease, purchase and sale, or the provision of services..

A importância do contrato.

Duly regulated by the Civil Code of 2002, the contract is the most common and important source of obligations, and is governed by principles that have the function of guiding the way in which agreements must be made, and the parties involved must always act in respect for the principles of contract law, even if they are not expressly provided for in the instrument, in addition to providing for and guiding the obligations and responsibilities of the parties involved.

GLOBALBLUE as a manager and administrator of contracts and telecommunications infrastructure, uses the form of "assignment of space for remunerated use" to govern the rights, obligations and duties between the Condominium as "assignor" and the operator as "assignee". By means of the referred instrument, the written formalization of the object of the assignment occurs, conditioning the parties to the absolute compliance with the contractual provisions that have the purpose of protecting them from the observance of the condominium's access rules to the form of contractual rescission.

In view of the above, it is also important to highlight the indispensability of updating the clauses and renewing the contract, with the purpose of adapting to the rules and laws in force in the country, as well as to avoid any kind of impact on the presentation of audit results.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that the execution of the contract represents legal security for the parties to the contract, whether to deal with specific agreements or to preserve both parties from possible problems due to non-compliance with the instrument. Therefore, the greater the risks involved in the negotiated activity, the greater the need for it to be duly formalized by means of the appropriate legal instrument.


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